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Nanny Rates in Canada

As a nanny or babysitter you have to remember that it is important that the details regarding your expected salary, vacation days and sick days must all be negotiated before you sign a contract and start work.  If there is any issue you are unhappy with or feel unclear then keep in mind the following.
As a nanny working in Canada nanny rates  vary from province to province.  There are minimum salaries laid out by each province and you should make sure you check what these are in the province you work to ensure that you are not being underpaid by an employer. 
If you are a full time live in nanny then your employer is also obliged to provide you with room and board and this should be taken into account when you set your nanny rates or negotiate your nanny wage.  

Vacation time is also dependent on the province in which your nanny position is in but on average 2 weeks of uninterrupted vacation time after 12 months employment must be provided by your employer. 

If you are a part time nanny or babysitter you cannot expect to make the same money as a full time nanny or babysitter.   However, as a minimum you should expect your nanny pay to be no less than a minimum hourly nanny rate. Obviously your age and prior child care experience can affect your nanny salary and the more experience you have in the field the more you will see your nanny salary increase. 

As a babysitter it is important that your expectations in terms of a babysitter salary are not unrealistic.  We suggest that you speak to other babysitters working in your local area to get an understanding of what they charge and set you babysitting rates accordingly.  Remember to base your babysitter rate on the number of years of experience and the qualifications you hold.  A person new to the field of child care cannot expect to make the same babysitter wage as a person that holds a qualification, a degree or has had a number of years experience in the field.  However, babysitter salaries just like a nanny salary are negotiable and an open dialogue about your expectations should take place before you begin work.

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